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Her photography career began when a girlhood hobby that had never quite released its hold drew her in a fresh, mid-life direction. Cathy Prettejohn’s photographic images leave a gentle wake. They seem painterly. Floating against sun-bleached canvas horizons they speak through what’s left unseen. Her distinctive photographic style followed a bold decision to resign from […]

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Far more serious than merely nights without cricket song - which thought alone chills the blood - the extinction of insect species threatens the continued existence of all life on earth. Chris van Niekerk's art raises the alarm.

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She paints huge canvases alight with birds. They sweep you into their flickering clouds on tumultuous wings. “I want people to be able to hear them,” she says. The Zimbabwean artist works from her studio in Victoria Falls where she lives with her husband and their six-year-old daughter. She holds a BA Fine Art in painting […]

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Craig Cameron-Mackintosh returned to painting in 2015 having not picked up a brush since graduating from high school a decade earlier. In 2019 his oil, Lesela in Silhouette, won the esteemed Sanlam Portrait Award. His first solo exhibition opened in Cape Town in December 2020. He spoke to me about his artistic process, his career, […]

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Karin Daymond is the sort of person who is tickled with delight when she comes across three small and lovely stones wrapped in a sock in her luggage on her return from a holiday. That tells you quite a lot. She can’t recall a time when she wasn’t gleaning found treasures. “I was born and […]

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"Paintings can be one-night stands or lifetime love affairs - you never know until you get cracking." Robert Hodgins's work hangs in private collections and important galleries including MoMA. I spoke to some of the people who were his adopted family and knew him best in the small South African town of White River, which […]

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This contemporary artist jeweller works from her Munich studio and her summer home in Italy, but Frances D’Aintree's South African roots are forever nourished by the land of her birth. This artist jeweller, goldsmith and lecturer uses traditional and contemporary techniques to create wearable or useable objects in precious metals. Her portfolio ranges from personal […]

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She calls herself  “a middle-aged, suburban, Woolies-clad lady who enjoys sitting on her stoep, embroidering scenes from the kama sutra on tea cosies.” The last bit throws me a tad but I quickly discover there’s a whole lot more to this self-declared suburbanite than keeping house and raising her school-age kids. “I started late,” she […]

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   Guest Post by Shila Desai Mexico’s traditional crafts and myriad folk arts are a magnet for culturally curious visitors because they open a window on deeply held traditions. From handwoven textiles to pottery, beading, and mask making, Mexico’s artesanías are just as functional as decorative. Typically they are crafted by artisans with no formal […]

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His intricate pen drawings feature geometric shapes alongside the organic movement of plants. His combining of portraiture with landscapes references the inner world while also commenting on social issues. There’s a meditative quality to these thoughtful monochromes. "I don’t carry a sketchbook, but everywhere I go I record mental images. They’re snapshots observed in moments […]

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Safari Girl


I’m Bev Tucker, a lifestyle journalist living in Ireland. I grew up in various far-flung corners of Africa where I had the privilege of being taken on long expeditions to wildlife reserves and other interesting places in the trusty family Land Rover, which was loaded with everything we might need for the duration. These were my first safaris and sparked my love of nature and an enduring curiosity about the world. Safari is a Swahili word that means 'to explore, away from home', which prompted the name of this blog. Please enjoy browsing and feel free to contact me with ideas, queries or commissions.

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